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About Me

Experience and premium quality

For over 20 years, I have worked as a full-time freelance English into German translator, copywriter, proofreader, and editor. My reputation for quality has led me to become the professional linguist of first choice for renowned global companies and international translation & localization providers. I provide excellent translations, transcreations, content, and reviews that consistently reflect the quality of your products and services.


My Services

Translation, Transcreation

I translate and recreate the original English text into German while making sure it carries the same message and is appropriate in the context and for the intended target audience. The result reads as if it had originally been written in German from scratch, not just literally translated from English.

Editing, Proofreading

From correcting linguistic errors (e. g. typos, grammar and punctuation mistakes) in German texts to a full review / revision of the German target text as compared to the original English source text incl. amending literal translations by polishing their wording, style, and syntax.


Content creation from scratch or based on existing English or German content incl. conducting all the required interviews and research necessary for texts such as success stories, case studies, blogs, or social media posts.


Areas of special

Marketing & advertising

Website, social media, and app content, banners, brochures, presentations, case studies, success stories, slogans

Public relations / Corporate communication

Press releases, newsletters, email campaigns, social media posts, blogs, magazines, surveys, whitepapers, datasheets

Information Technology / Data processing

IoT, AI, document management, cloud solutions, networks, backup, virtualization, data storage, disaster recovery, thread protection


Electric cars (BEV, PHEV), ICE cars, trucks & construction machines, government & military vehicles, premium & performance cars

Climate action & green technologies

Renewable energy, sustainability, recycling, circularity, blockchain, decarbonization, materials sourcing and tracing, Net Zero


CCTV, infrared / thermal imaging, night vision, fire detection, perimeter protection, traffic and access control

Consumer electronics & household appliances

Premium audio & video entertainment systems, kitchen & household appliances, bathroom furnishing, lighting systems, shower toilets

Education and training

Leadership skills, customer relations, communication, feedback, compliance, anti-bribery, anti-corruption

Travel, leisure, and tourism

Travel guides and magazines, restaurant / hotel / sight descriptions, loyalty and reward programs

User help & technical writing

User guides and manuals, installation / setup / configuration guides, usability, FAQ, tutorials incl. video subtitles


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Contact Me

If quality is your first concern and you need a quotation for an upcoming project or any further information, please email me at:

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